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B.S. in Natural Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences from Colorado State University provides the subject matter, the education classes, and the classroom experience required for secondary science education licensure in Colorado.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: January, August
Tuition Fee: $32,734 per year
Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences at Colorado State University meets the needs of two audiences:

  • Students who wish to become high school or junior high/middle school science teachers.
  • Students who seek a broad exposure to mathematics and the physical sciences, rather than specialization in one discipline.

Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate:

  • Skills to critically interpret scientific data.
  • Logical and critical thinking.
  • The ability to analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

Potential Occupations

Graduates with licensure in secondary science education will find a strong demand for high school and junior high/middle school teachers in Colorado and elsewhere in the nation. In addition, these graduates will also have the background required for graduate science education programs.

With proper planning, physical science graduates can meet requirements for professional schools (e.g., medicine or law) or graduate programs in the basic or applied sciences. Internships and volunteer activities can provide practical training and experience.



“My experience at CSU, and particularly in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology has been invaluable! The program was both challenging and supportive.”

Sara Bombaci // Master of Science


  • Biology Education Concentration
  • Chemistry Education Concentration
  • Geology Education Concentration
  • Physical Science Concentration
  • Physics Education Concentration