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B.A. in Philosophy, Philosophy, Science, and Technology

The study of Philosophy – Philosophy, Science, and Technology Concentration at Colorado State University broadens and intensifies liberal education while enhancing interpretive abilities in many fields.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: January, August
Tuition Fee: $32,734 per year
Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

The curriculum of this Philosophy – Philosophy, Science, and Technology Concentration at Colorado State University encourages a broad liberal arts background, including courses in foreign languages, and a plan for graduate school and teaching careers in philosophy. The broad relevance of philosophy to other fields permits most students to work toward goals such as professional training in law, medicine, business, or theology.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking

Students will recognize, construct, and evaluate arguments and alternative positions by correctly applying logical standards and methodology, demonstrating the ability to identify underlying assumptions, ambiguous or contested terms, and potential objections to a thesis.

  • Content Knowledge

Students will demonstrate knowledge of major questions, arguments, problems, and figures from a variety of philosophical areas and traditions.

  • Reading and Research

Students will develop the interpretive, analytical, and conceptual skills to read with understanding a variety of philosophical texts. Students will be able to assess the quality and relevance of a variety of sources (books, journal articles, etc.) and use these sources in their own research and writing.

  • Communication

Students will clearly articulate ideas and arguments in writing and oral communication. Students will demonstrate competence in interpretive, analytical, and argumentative writing. They will effectively present their own ideas and research in oral communication and writing. Students will engage in open, thoughtful, and respectful dialogue.

  • Values and Attitudes

Students will demonstrate cognitive flexibility by applying alternative possibilities and conceptual frameworks to their own and others’ ideas and values. They will demonstrate intellectual curiosity in their pursuits of truth and meaning. They will engage in reflective inquiry and aim to achieve a greater understanding of their subject matter.

Potential Occupations

A major in Philosophy prepares students for a wide variety of professional aspirations, including graduate study in philosophy or other disciplines; training in law, computer technology, social work, health care, the ministry, business; and general intellectual flexibility in a changing world. The high level of skill that Philosophy majors acquire in communication, writing, and analytical and critical thinking enables them to secure jobs in a variety of private and public sector professions and to become leaders in their fields.



“My experience at CSU, and particularly in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology has been invaluable! The program was both challenging and supportive.”

Sara Bombaci // Master of Science

Courses Included

  • College Composition
  • History and Philosophy of Scientific Thought
  • Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems
  • Logic in Philosophy and Beyond
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Natural Science
  • Philosophy of Behavioral Sciences
  • Philosophy of Language
  • Philosophy of Mind