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B.S. in Physics

The Physics major from Colorado State University begins with an emphasis on fundamentals in the basic sciences and mathematics to provide students with a broad foundation.

Quick Facts

Full-time Duration: 4 years
Starting in: January, August
Tuition Fee: $32,734 per year
Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States

Subsequent course work is designed to develop analytical and experimental abilities that allow students to solve problems involving the technical applications of physics.

The curriculum of this Physics major from Colorado State University includes courses on classical mechanics, modern physics, quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and thermal physics. A strong liberal arts program rounds out the major and provides educational breadth.

Participation in undergraduate research is strongly encouraged since it enhances practical training and expands employment opportunities, as well as being expected of anyone applying to research-based graduate programs.

Two concentrations are offered: Physics and Applied Physics. The former is the standard concentration, and is recommended for students planning to apply to graduate programs in Physics or related disciplines.

The latter requires the student to select a specific “field’: there are a variety to choose from, and each has its own menu of associated electives. The Applied Physics concentration is ideal for students who are double-majoring in other technical disciplines, or who anticipate further education towards a career in health professions (including, notably, Medical Physics).

Potential Occupations

Physics majors from Colorado State University who go into the workforce directly after graduation use their training in a variety of settings. The primary employers for our graduates have been large aerospace/defense and electronics companies, as well as software firms and smaller high-tech companies.

In addition to the more obvious jobs in those settings, such as computer programming, quality control, and electronics design, our students have also been hired in training and sales capacities.

High school teaching is a possibility: there are several pathways for students with undergraduate Physics degrees to obtain teaching credentials. Physics graduates possess excellent mathematical and analytical skills that are useful in business and finance as well.



“My experience at CSU, and particularly in the Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology has been invaluable! The program was both challenging and supportive.”

Sara Bombaci // Master of Science


  • Applied Physics Concentration
  • Physics Concentration